Dr. Christos Ioakeimidis is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of INTELIGG, a cutting-edge startup company created in 2018 in Athens, to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities.

He holds a BSc/Dipl. Ing. in Mechanical Engineering (GR – 1994), a MSc in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (USA – 1996), a PhD in Mechanical & Chemical Engineering (U.K. – 2001) and a MBA (GR – 2007).

Previously he has been Professor/Director in various well-known Universities and companies in Europe and USA (DUTh, IHU, CERTH, HELPE-GR, IST/UTL-PT, UDeusto-ES, UMONS-BE, HWU-U.K., MIT, EXXON, Raytheon Engineers-USA), as well as a Visiting Professor/Researcher (CERTH-GR, MIT-USA, IST/UTL-PT, CNR-IT, UMONS-BE, GUT-PL, AIT-AT).

He has been a recipient of national/international awards with more than 230 articles in international journals and conferences under peer-review with a R&D&I of 30-years that includes 75 projects funded (18.5ME in total, 10ME in academy and 8.5ME in industry) by national and international governmental, public and private organizations.

He is also Member and Associate Editor of various known journals and organizations (i.e, IEEE Transactions on ITS, Buildings, Sustainability, DIGITAL SME, etc).