Vittorio Bertola is the Head of Policy & Innovation at Open-Xchange, the world’s leading provider of open source email and DNS solutions for hosting, service provider and telecommunication companies. In that role, he promotes and monitors new technical standards and advocates an open Internet based on user choice, privacy and federation, representing the company in policy affairs and upholding the views of the European open source industry. Recently, he was one of the promoters of interoperability requirements in the Digital Markets Act, co-founding the Coalition for Competitive Digital Markets.

In the last twenty years he was involved with several Internet startups, including the early pan-European digital music platform Vitaminic; he presently chairs the Board of the open identity consortium ID4me.

He served in many positions in national and international Internet governance organizations, including the ICANN Board and the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance. He advised the Italian government and the .it domain steering committee on policy matters, and he is currently a councillor of the Italian chapter of the Internet Society. He also authored a recent essay on digital sovereignty and platform regulation in Italian.