ICT SMEs are pivotal actors in developing technologies enabling emission reduction as well as in achieving the European Green Deal's ambitious targets.

the emission-reducing potential of digital solutions

The main challenge lies in providing concrete evidence and quantifying the positive impact of digitalisation on the environment and climate.

This session explored the methodologies that have been developed within the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC), quantifying the emissions avoided via their use compared to the emissions they generate.

Participants gained insights into assessment of real-world SME-powered digital solutions and into EGDC guidelines for deploying solutions for maximum sustainability impact.

a way forward to a sustainable EU

European experts, policymakers, and industry leaders participated in the session, discussing the way forward for scaling up the achievements of the EGDC and leveraging them to achieve Europe’s green targets.

They explored how a standardised methodology can bolster sustainable investments for both public and private procurers of ICT solutions and how companies can apply EGDC recommendations for a tangible sustainability impact of solutions.